Sources for the Video

Information Sources

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Pictures Sources

Global warming pic-

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Fossil Fuel-×500.jpg


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A clip from youtube video-

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Green trees with leaves-

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People planting-

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Hands and tree-

World Green-







Almost done!!

I’m almost done with this class. I’m really excited for being done as well as going to be a little sad to be leaving everyone because we had become a great family. Getting some thoughts and comments from my classmates along with my professor who will be moving away next year. It’s sad! It was fun working with everyone and learning new things every single day. I didn’t like doing some things like reading and writing, but I learned a lot other new stuff. For example, interviewing and making a movie was two things that was really fun doing. I never thought I’ll be interviewing anyone in my life, but I did that after taking this class. I was really glad that I did that. Along with the movie, I never made a movie, but after taking this class, that was also fulfilled. I never had imagined I would be working so hard for this class because my last english class didn’t require much work. I was bummed about doing so much work at first, but than later realized that I also learned a lot which I didn’t learn in my english 1 class. I know I’ll miss this class next year for sure and especially the teacher. 

Presentation in class

The in class presentation for my movie was great. I had great effects and I thought everyone will like it which I thought absolutely right. Having the effects seem like the movie belongs on a discovery channel was an awesome idea. I never even thought of making it like that until someone in my class made me realize that it looked like that. When I presented my movie to everyone on Thursday, everyone loved it. Although it didn’t have the solutions in the ending of my movie but the beginning turned out great. Everyone was happy to see my video because it was done a totally different software. Pinnacle 15 was a great software that I bought online to do my video. I knew the effects would be great and my movie will turn out to realistic. I wanted my movie to be unique and one of a kind which like no had and I think that was successfully done. I really was happy when everyone saw my video and loved it very much. Hopefully, my grade for this video comes out to be GREAT as well.


For next semester

This semester English was really interesting. I had done things that I had never ever in my life doing. For example, for portfolio 1, doing an interview; never thought I would be interviewing someone about the health and wellness of the community. The professor was amazing and knew what she was doing. I really like the way she broke all details down into the most simplest matter there was. The way she made everything really easy. For a quiz we had to take for portfolio 1, she even went over the information to make sure everyone would pass the quiz. I really like the style of her teaching and giving us interesting portfolios to do. I also never thought I would be making a movie for my final portfolio on the research I did in portfolio 2. It was really interesting and a creative way to convince the audience about a problem or issue we were facing. The work in this class is not hard at all but you just have to put a little time and effort into it. Everything doesn’t happen to come on its own but instead have to really work for it. Portfolio 2 was the most work I did for this class. All the research we had to gather and than write an annotated bibliography and a review of literature paper. Reflective were really easy for all three of the portfolios because we just had to write about the background scenes of our projects and how it was done. They were fun although they were long. I advice if anyone thinking of taking this class next semester, they should be able to get along with everyone in class and able to handle readings and doing research papers. Everyone in class will help you as the semester goes on that’s why it is very important to communicate and interact with them. I really enjoyed taking her class. If I had to take English again, I would take with Dr. Lackey because of the interesting things we learn and all the unique and creative projects that are done.

Working outside…no sleep

Working outside of class for this project especially when exams are near…NO SLEEP AT ALL. With all the editing, words, music, and much more that has to go on in my movie, it’s a lot of work. Especially when exams are near, with Biology, Chemistry, it’s extremely hard to do this. I admit that this portfolio was way way WAY better than the other portfolios we worked on this semester, but it’s still hard. It’s not impossible but it’s just really hard. On top of that, a reflective to do, it’s going to be one heck of a week this week. I get no sleep with movie, paper, and all the other exams that are coming up which is in my mind. It’s going to be hard but not impossible at all. I know it’s going to take some time, but than I also have to look at the positive side that for English, it could’ve been worse like doing another paper instead of the movie. So I’m not complaining, but just saying that it’s going to be hard and a sleepless week this week. WITHOUT ANY DOUBT! :/

Watching others present

Watching other people in my class present is really fun. I enjoy seeing their work and where have they progressed. I also get some of the ideas of how I should start my video or most importantly finish off because I seem to find no answer to that. I am glad to know that I’ll be going last when presenting my video because I would like to know what have others come up with. This way, it shows me their work and how to end my video with the help of other people’s videos. I also enjoy grading them because of how they act and present their master piece. I also comment on the paper what can be improved and what is so good about the video that should just remain the way it is. I can’t wait to get my feedback because I mainly want to know how should I end my video off. I know I’ll have to end it with solutions into convincing my audience, but I just don’t happen to see how that’s going to be possible from where I am in my movie. So watching other people present and see what they have so far helps me a lot. I guess that is the one benefit of going last because I can see what others have.

Overview of Portfolio 3-Reflective

Doing this portfolio was not as much work I had to do as much as done for Portfolio 1 and 2. Actually, I really enjoyed making a movie for the third portfolio. Doing this movie was exciting and really much realistic. I made my movie seem like it belongs on a discovery channel since it was all about global warming. Before I could get to the movie making process, I had to go through several steps before getting to the fun of making a movie. All the reading that was done before I could make my movie was not fun at all. Also there was a quiz that was taken before I could even get to anything. I also had to look at some samples of the video on global warming because I had no idea where I wanted to begin my video from so brainstorming was a huge part in this portfolio as well. The audience for this movie I made were the citizen who drive cars and make pollution in every possible way. I had to convince them in my movie that this is not right. Making so much pollution thus causing global warming is a horrible thing for our planet. Something can be done!! But what is that?? I had all the answers of these questions in my movie. The right color of the font and music was absolutely necessary or else my movie wouldn’t flow and wouldn’t make sense as well. The music in the beginning is dramatic and pumping and in the end, it soothes down for the solution. I really like how this is going to turn out because the software I’m using is totally different then everyone else’s. Pinnacle 15!

How is this going to help me in the future you say, well I learned a lot this semester. So much that I never even imagined I would do somethings like this. For example, first of all, making a movie and second, taking someone’s interview. Having to do this made me realize that I was missing out a lot! I never imagined I would do something like this. I learned how to do research papers, talk properly to a person, ask questions. It was all so fun and exciting to do. I know for a fact that I’ll be using all this stuff in the future. I probably might be interviewing someone sometime in my life. Who knows if that’s soon, or later on in the life because I’ll surely remember that I learned it in Dr. Lackey’s English 1060 class. The movie making might also help if I ever end up making a movie for some other class in the future. Even if I take another english class and end up making a movie, I surely will remember that I learned everything from Dr. Lackey’s class. Even though I didn’t like reading so much, I realized that reading is really important because it teaches you how to use that material. Its like before fixing a machine, you have read the instructions because you’re not going to get it by yourself. So same goes with this class. You have to know and able to read something before you start the actual project. For every exciting thing that is, there is always something boring you’re always going to be done. No matter what the case is!

So far in my movie I started…

I have already started working on  my movie ahead of time. I have no idea where to start off my movie from but after watching couple videos on YouTube about global warming, I finally figured out that I’ll be starting off with an attention getter. Some quote that will get the attention of my audience into seeing what’s happening to our world. I also have made a storyboard planned out from where and how the video will be going. So far, I am thinking of putting some dates/years in my video..for example, like what was happening in the 1970s, 1980s 1990s… all the way up to the 21st century today in 2012.. From there on, I haven’t done much in my video but will be making some progress over the weekend by adding solutions and some good pictures to convince my audience. I’m really anxious to let everyone see my video and get some feedback on it.

In class video that inspired me

I really liked the Girl Effect video that I watched in class. I really liked how everything was organized and got the point across about the video very clearly. It showed two sides of the story really well and clearly. It showed how a girl is effected when she is not raised properly and how is she effected when she is raised properly with her parents. I liked the flowing of the video as well. Everything went well with the song along with the color of the font and text type. It was very clear and organized. I like the concept of the “clock” showed in the video because it symbolizes how it effects one girl over the years pass by. Each second is the different within the timing of the clock. It inspired me to make my video something like this, but I don’t know how I’ll be planning it out.. Let’s see.

Same Audience

This video is aiming towards a pollution free community, and what we should do in order to achieve that. So, I think that the audience is people that drive, and us citizens(future generation). It is also showing that how one person can make a difference in the community to help fight global warming. The author choose this audience because there are millions of cars on the road each day, and not enough recycling being done. The background music is also dealing with the environment, and aiming towards a change. The author does a very good job of telling what are the solutions to global warming. The animation is very descriptive, where it grabs the readers attention.  The author gave so many different solutions that we can make to help stop global warming like carpooling, solar power, wind power, plant more trees, etc. The ending of the video was for the future generation saying educate them, and help them bring the change to this planet.